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Goodbye Coach Jeff!

It is bittersweet to announce that Coach Jeff Borengasser is leaving HAT at the end of the month. After working with HAT for over 3 years, it is sad to see him go, but we are excited to see what’s next for him! He is currently keeping a busy schedule teaching at MSU Denver and spending time with his family - including his newborn daughter Everly! We had a chance to talk to him the other day about his experiences at HAT and we are excited to share what he had to say:

Q. What was your favorite part about working at HAT?

A. I loved seeing all the kids learning and growing so much and developing a love of tennis! And watching them build really fun relationships with each other and, as a coach, building some of those relationships with them.

Q. What was one of the funniest/most memorable moments with students?

A. During the summer camps it was always a lot of fun. I was usually around on the days when they played matches. It’s always really great to see them play in a team format and to watch them having fun and showing the passion for tennis!

Q. What will you miss the most about working at HAT?

A. Getting the chance to help kids learn to play but also develop a love for the game. I’ll miss the relationships with the kids for sure and Coach Mazza, who is awesome!

Q. What are you doing next?

A. I’m teaching some weight training and fitness type classes at Metro State, in the department of Human Performance and Sport. It’s fun to be back with the college kids, something I did for a long time before. And I’ll be spending a lot of my time with the new little baby that’s here!

Q. Any parting words of advice you’d like to give to HAT students/families?

A. My advice would be to cherish the opportunities they have. I think it’s really awesome the opportunities that HAT provides to the kids in different environments - after school programs, summer camps, and all the different classes. Tennis teaches so much - you can learn about teamwork and dealing with adversity and so many other things. But you have to do your part. You have to be committed to it, working hard, and listening to coaches. Cherish the opportunities and put full effort into it so you can get the most out of it!

Q. Anything else you’d like to add?

A. Everyone should be thankful to be a part of the HAT Family! I want to give a big thank you to owner Ryan Segelke for giving me the opportunity and I’d love to say again how awesome Coach Mazza is!

We’d love to hear your favorite memories with Coach Jeff! Leave a comment below!

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