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How To Call A Line Judge In Tennis

Let me start this topic of bad calls and line judges with a couple of side notes. First, I do not think there are very many people that play

How To Handle Nasty Opponents

In discussing the situation of playing opponents that use mental games or gamesmanship, I think it is important to start with something I strongly believe. A player should always strive to walk off the court after a match with their character and reputation in tact. One can do this in victory or defeat if they played hard and if they played with fairness and good sportsmanship (even if their opponent did not). Winning a match is never more important than playing with fairness and sportsmanship. As the saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right. So how can you handle opponents that play with gamesmanship? It is not easy, but it is simple. It starts with a point of emphasis that every coach

What Tennis Tournaments Should My Child Be Playing? (Including a complete roadmap to tournament succ

Let's work together to increase participation in this great game of tennis! I came across a few shocking junior tennis stats recently in relation to tournaments. According to the USTA, 38% of junior players drop out of tournaments after playing their very first tournament, 45% of players drop out after playing their second tournament, and 76% drop out after playing their fifth tournament. There are many possible explanations for these numbers. Perhaps the player has only played tennis at that point in their life, and hasn’t developed other all-around athletic skills from other sports, such as soccer and basketball, which in turn, may be hindering their tennis abilities. Or, maybe the player

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Main Office:

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