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Having a Bad Day on the Courts?

I believe one of the most overlooked areas of training and competing in tennis is also one of the areas that most tennis players have HUGE amount of room to improve. Yes, I’m talking about the mental side of the game. Sports psychology research demonstrates over and over that using several techniques to improve your “mental toughness” will lead to measurable improvement in your performance! IMPROVED PERFORMANCE! Why would you not work on this? In addition to making you a better tennis player, these techniques make the game more enjoyable, and they make you more fun to be around (AKA, a better teammate). So why don’t more people focus on this part of the game? I think it is in part because

How To Stay In Shape This Summer

Summer is here, and your training schedule is changing. You have been working hard all year on your tennis game and improving your fitness level, but now you are worried about losing your fitness edge over the summer. If you can maintain your training schedule, at least to some degree, that is great! Research shows that a temporarily reduced (not stopped) volume or intensity of your workouts can still allow you to maintain your fitness level, if you do this in a planned way. This will depend on the specifics of your situation, but at the very least you should know that maintenance is possible on a temporarily reduced training schedule. To add to that, if you have been working hard and trai

Ryan and Leslie Segelke Win Denver Afterschool Alliance Award

We have exciting news! Ryan and Leslie Segelke both won a Resource and Sustainability Champion Award through the Denver Afterschool Alliance. They were chosen for this award for “their dedication to allocating resources with consistency and equity and for developing sustainable practices that guarantee programs that are capable of providing services to students and families.” We are so proud of them, and they will be recognized at the Allstar Afterschool Professionals Award Luncheon on May 1. Ryan and Leslie founded High Altitude Tennis in 2009, and The HAT Fund in 2015 to assist under-served aspiring young student athletes to ensure they have the opportunities, guidance, and tools needed

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Main Office:

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