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Summer Camp Donation Received in Uganda!

This summer, HAT pledged to donate 2% of all summer camp registrations to Nabossa (pictured left) in Uganda. Nabossa is a single mother and parent of HAT Alum John Lutaaya. We are happy to announce that the donation was received by Nabossa earlier this month!

Many of our HAT students and families had a chance to meet John at summer camp this year. This was his first summer coaching at camp and he did a wonderful job! We received many comments about how great he was with the kids and we are very proud of him! He is now back at school at Linfield College in Oregon, but we had a chance to talk to him during one of his days off from classes. We learned about how this donation will affect his mother’s life in Uganda, and what her plans are for the future.

The donation will help Nabossa survive life in Kampala, Uganda. With the money she can pay rent that is due and purchase food, clothing, and other day-to-day living expenses. John said his mother also has aspirations to bring back her cooking business. She hopes to be able to expand her business, and eventually open up her own restaurant. John said that sometime in the future Nabossa would also like to buy a plot of land and build her own house, where her family, including her granddaughter (pictured right with Nabossa) can come and visit her.

John told us that it feels good to know that his mother is happy and healthy, and he feels better about her situation in Uganda. He thanks everyone at HAT for their generosity, and especially HAT CEO Ryan Segelke for his “big heart.”

We would like to thank our HAT families for supporting us at camp this summer. You made this donation possible! Click Here to donate to The HAT Fund to further support Nabossa, John, and scholarships for students!

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