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Young Beginner Groups

HAT has been delivering FUN, conveniently located, and the highest-reviewed programs in the Denver Metro Area for kids since 2009. 

Join us at Washington Street Community Center in the Wash Park neighborhood for beginner group classes

Class Description
Let the fun begin! These groups are pure edu-tainment! Kids are smiling from ear-to-ear playing a great game (TENNIS!) with their friends, while parents can clearly see that there is a plan and education being learned from a trusted and skilled coach. Using age-appropriate rackets, balls, and nets, we aim to spark the love of tennis for each student, while at the same time building a proper fundamental base.

Are you ready to join the HAT team?


March Classes

Kids (Ages 6 - 10)


4:30PM - 5:30PM

This class is perfect for complete beginners, or kids who joined us for summer camp and want to keep working on their skills. Kids will practice all the basics (volleys, groundstrokes, etc), while having tons of fun with their friends! This class is offered on Fridays.

"My children are jazzed, they love it and they are inspired."
- Nancy Ivankoe
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